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Friday, June 02, 2006

Apologies amongst apologies :)

Awww i know... im definitely deserving of a beating with a dirty wet sock after not updating this since i have gotten here. Sorry sorry sorry :)
I unfortuately found out when I got down here that I don't have el internet access in mi casa, so im unable to be online as much as I'd like. But I'm leaving today and heading out with 30 boys in the ministry (La Carpio) I've been serving with and headed to Savegre. There I'll help put on a campo for the guys which will include some rockin soccer, ropes course, mountain climbing, and most importantly some awesome devo time in forming relationships. Monday night I will have a real post for everyone. I apologize again and will have posts twice a week starting Monday. This doesn't even begin to explain the utter thankfulness I have in my heart for you all!! God has and continues to work through you all in my life in a marvolous way!! You all are in my thoughts and more importantly more prayers!! I'd love for you all to keep me in yours :)
Sooooon a real detailed update :))

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