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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

:) ........ thy Journey

hmmm.... where to start is the only question :)

I definitely do want to apologize again to all that have been looking for updates and only been seeing the same ol' sooooon post. I do feel as if I'm finally settled in and definitely loving the rocking journey. Wellll, I arrived safely and on time Tuesday the 23rd, returning to the all too familiar aroma of the Rica. When I arrived for some reason, I was graciously provided with a sustained contentment in this unknown journey. Knowing that as God provided this call in my heart, the means, that He would also provide an incredible journey in which He would be glorified. I got to my house and was greeted at the door by a drowsy yet cheerful family. My family for the next two months which includes my Tica mother Doña Mayra, Tico Father Alfredo and my new Tico brother Hossio. They all introduced themselves in the classic, very comforting and personable way of all Costa Ricans, which ALWAYS includes a kiss on the right cheek by the females. We all talked for a bit, me in my broken Spanish, just really getting to know each other. I then finished up the night with a dinner at Mark’s, who I'll talk about later, and a small bit of unpacking. On Wednesday I had the opportunity to jump right into things with the feeding program and then spent the rest of week getting adapted and meeting tons of new wonderful people before I began my actual ministry work in La Carpio on Saturday.

Saturday I headed out to La Carpio, Costa Rica. It is an extremely poor Nicaraguan immigrant community about an hour and 15 minute bus ride from my house, West of San José. There I arrived to meet a group of eager servant missionaries who greeted me with open arms. This Saturday was a particularly special one for me in which God used to solidify my heart and mind. I'm soo often simply amazed at how God works, there was a need for a soccer trainer for tons of guys and He brought me here. I mean comeee on!!! And with my broken Spanish, God continues to use soccer as a universal language where I can form relationship with kids with VERY few male role models in which I can help show God's abundant Grace. An utter blessing is all that I can find to explain it. In La Carpio I have the privilege to serve in Nuevos Horizontes New Horizons, which is a ministry set up to help educate, mentor, and provide for the adolescents of the area.

Throughout the next week I was able to start my routine in La Carpio which includes tutoring, coaching, and so often the even MORE important friendships in the community of La Carpio. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I'll be serving in Carpio. While on Wednesday I'll be doing the feeding program which is an awesome ministry I'll be able to explain much more in detail sometime soon.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go with 32 of our ministry boys to a camp in the beautiful Savegre. This is a camp that the boys look forward to all year and is huge in many of their hearts. It was an amazing time of no sleep, rock climbing, repelling, soccer, hiking, and most importantly the forming of relationships. God not only used this past weekend in their hearts, but as well in mine, in which He used to continue to show me His beautiful and gracious sovereignty. I got home late on Sunday and was filled with happiness, seeing a glimpse of how God worked in planting seeds over the weekend was rockin' beyond belief.

God has really been teaching me a lot of things through the past two weeks, in which I am still learning. I'm excited to share this learning with you when I feel God has brought me to that point. I ask that you all pray for the ministry here and specifically the formation of relationships. And that I would continue to be broken for all God has to offer. Truly I can not thank you ALL enough for the ways God has and continues to work through you in my life—through ALL your amazing prayers and generosity, I thank you!!! You’re in my thoughts continually, but more importantly my prayers.

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Apologies amongst apologies :)

Awww i know... im definitely deserving of a beating with a dirty wet sock after not updating this since i have gotten here. Sorry sorry sorry :)
I unfortuately found out when I got down here that I don't have el internet access in mi casa, so im unable to be online as much as I'd like. But I'm leaving today and heading out with 30 boys in the ministry (La Carpio) I've been serving with and headed to Savegre. There I'll help put on a campo for the guys which will include some rockin soccer, ropes course, mountain climbing, and most importantly some awesome devo time in forming relationships. Monday night I will have a real post for everyone. I apologize again and will have posts twice a week starting Monday. This doesn't even begin to explain the utter thankfulness I have in my heart for you all!! God has and continues to work through you all in my life in a marvolous way!! You all are in my thoughts and more importantly more prayers!! I'd love for you all to keep me in yours :)
Sooooon a real detailed update :))

His renown

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sooooon :)

Site ... Soon to come!!:)

Thank you ALL so much for ALL that you have done and continue to do!! I am soo incredibly blessed to have such amazing family and friends!! THANK YOU!

hmmm :)

love: It is the overflow of joy in God that gladly meets the needs of others.